Annuity Rates Tables

Featured below is our best rates table showing some snapshot rates from the leading UK annuity providers. But, if you shop around and compare providers, you could improve these rates by as much as 45%.

You can only secure the best deal by getting a personalised annuity quote. If you are eligible for enhanced annuities, you could increase your income significantly. To find out if you qualify, call free today or complete our enquiry form for a personalised quote based on your fund size and personal circumstances.


Escalation: single life, level

Based on £100,000 fund.


Escalation: single life, RPI

Based on £100,000 fund


Escalation: single life, level, smokers rates

Based on £100,000 fund


Glossary of Terms

Single life – The annuity income is payable to you only and will cease to be paid to a partner or spouse once you pass away.

Joint life 50% – When you pass away 50% of your annual income will be continue to be paid to your partner or spouse. This can be escalated to any percentage up to 100% – caution though, your starting income will be lower. Joint life annuity illustrations are based on the named spouse where he is 3 years older then the partner.

Level – Your income will be fixed for the entirety of your life.

Guarantee – This allows you to guarantee payments even if you pass away before the guarantee period, e/g 5 years or 10 years.

RPI – Your annuity income is pegged to changes in the Retail Prices Index (RPI). Helps protect against the problem of inflation.