What is an Impaired Life Annuity?

by Peter

ChartIf you suffer from any severe medical conditions then you may be suited to an impaired life annuity also known as an enhanced annuity. By opting for an impaired life annuity, you will receive better annuity rates, but the level of increase will depend upon your illness and the severity of your medical condition. These better rates can be offered because the life expectancy of the annuitant is reduced and thus the payment period will be reduced.

Some of the conditions which allow an annuitant to qualify include high blood pressure include asthma, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, heart attack, kidney failure, or stroke. However you may not need recognised medical conditions, you could qualify if you are overweight for example, or are a heavy smoker. You may also qualify if you have worked in certain industries, such as heavy industry or live in areas with a lower than average life expectancy.

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